We would have all watched numerous movies when the car brakes fail and there are accidents that undoubtedly lead to great injuries. But in reality too, there are many cases of Brake failures that can happen on the highways and roads of the world. In spite of improved automotive technology and safety practices, there are cases when the Brakes give away and the driver needs to manoeuvre the car in an intelligent manner to avoid any fatalities. Brake failures are also one of the major reasons of road fatalities.

With the controversial brake issues in the recent Toyota cars and numerous recalls surrounding the prominent manufacturers, it is in our interest to use some sensible advice that can help us in a worst case scenario of a Brake Failure.

What to do when the Brakes fail??
The first reaction of a driver driving the vehicle can only be defined by one word and that is “PANIC”. But Panic can ruin the rational thinking that could actually save lives. Here are some actions that could help bring a better outcome for a Brake failure.
->First of all, when the Car Brakes fail, Never try to switch off the engine and remove the key .This will lead to an uncontrollable disaster because as soon as the key is removed, the steering lock sets and one would not have control over the steering, thus resulting either in an inability to avoid a head on collision or a un predictable situation.
-> If your Car brakes fail at high speeds, never down shift the gear immediately to the lowest gear because this could damage the power train and one would lose the control over the vehicle if the gearbox and clutch get disconnected owing to sudden shifts.Gradually lower shift and engage the handbrake.
 Concentrate on manoeuvring the car to the side of the road to avoid head on collisions.
 If the road ahead is empty, try to continuously drive by making light turns, as turning would slow down the car considerably owing to increased friction.
 If you find gravel or bushes, try to drive the car on the bushes to slow down further.
 Most importantly, Put on the hazard warning and call the police without any delay. Once the car slows down, change the gear to neutral until the car completely halts.
A few moments of sanity would make the difference between life and death. Note that these are only some points to minimize the damage and in no way guarantee a fail proof solution. This is a disclaimer that would go definitely with any Brake failure cases