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Mercedes Benz- the name itself exudes an aura of aristocracy and class that rules the hearts of any car enthusiast. Be it a common man or a rich industrialist, Mercedes Benz in India is the first name that is associated with premium car segments. Apart from the uber stylish looks of the S class and the E class, the cars that come out of the Mercedes factory also score high on performance and safety.

A special offshoot of the Mercedes Brand is the high performance Supercar of the SLS Brand. The latest of the SLS Brand is the Mercedes SLS Amg, which is literally a beast when unleashed on the road. The AMG Company boasts of manufacturing exclusively handcrafted cars SLS cars in the lines of the Rolls Royce and the other high end supercar manufacturers such as the Bugatti and Lamborghini.

The Review

The Mercedes SLS Amg is a car that is not for the weak hearted as it is a sleek monster in every aspect. From a heavy price tag of 2 crore INR to a state of the art engine that effortlessly delivers seamless power, the Mercedes SLS is miles ahead of many luxury brand supercars. Coming to the specifics and the most interesting aspects of the SLS Amg, The AMG’s astonishing feature is that it comes with a cockpit like dashboard and the doors open out as if the car has wings akin to that of a jet plane. With a dominating and a sturdy front view, the SLS Amg boasts of an acceleration that can match that of a jet Engine. The 6.3 litre V8 delivers an exemplary performance on the road combined with the smoothness of a symphony orchestra and the power of a charging leopard. The Mercedes SLS AMG delivers a peak power of 571 Bhp and accelerates from a 0-100 in barely 3.8 seconds. The SLS’ best feature turns out to be its handling. It is Solid as a rock and is said to be amazingly stable in turns.

A more exact specification is as follows:-

->AMG 6.3-litre V8 front-mid-engine developing 420 kW (571 hp) peak output

->650 Nm of torque and dry sump lubrication,

->seven-speed double-declutch transmission in a transaxle configuration, sports suspension with aluminums double wishbones

-> Kerb weight of 1620 kilograms

->top speed limited to 317km/hr (Same as the world’s fastest TGV train’s usual speed)

A small sample comparision here can  signify the huge difference between any other vehicle and the Mercedes SLS AMG. The common BMTC Volvo bus in Bangalore is a 7 litre engine while the SLS has a 6.3 Litre engine. The latest Ford Ikon Tdci delivers a 67 Bhp when compared to the 533 Bhp of the SLS Amg. The TATA Nano, when compared is only a mere 0.633 litre engine. Though all these comparisions are not worth the analysis, they do give a rough picture of the powerful engine of the SLS that sits steady on the car.

Finally the only thing that the SLS doesn’t do is to fly with its gull winged doors. There is no doubt that Mercedes Benz SLS brand from the Daimler  has again succeeded in living up to its expectations.

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