Importance of Carrying a First Aid Kit In the car

An average urban dweller spends about 27 minutes on the road daily for the general commute. Due to a variety of reasons, the commute on the road involves some risks, and sometimes they can prove to be fatal too. In 2019 alone, India reported over 151 thousand fatalities due to road accidents, and the sad part is that most of them could have been saved. Our administrative infrastructure is already under tremendous load, and we cannot expect an ambulance dispatch time, comparable to some developed countries, at every corner of the country. So it becomes imperative that we are equipped with basic medical necessities to provide emergency medical care before professional help can arrive. Proper first aid can increase the chances of survival and reduce the worsening of the medical emergency. Here are some points about first aid kit in car importance and why one should always carry a first aid kit in the car or any other vehicle-

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Helps to tackle an emergency

A car accident scene is a chaotic situation and can create an immense level of shock and confusion. This study conducted in the UK claims that a staggering 49% of deaths in an accident can be prevented with a proper first aid application. Preparation and a well-formed plan, along with the necessary first aid equipment, can help us to tackle emergencies head-on and minimize their negative impact. The First Aid kit reduces the waiting time required for medical assistance, allowing one to respond to injuries promptly. A person can assist with injuries with the First Aid kits, like slowing down bleeding in a cut by applying pressure.

Peace of mind

No matter if you want to do a simple grocery run or whether you are thinking about traveling to a far-off location like hills, having a first aid kit in your vehicle will provide ultimate peace of mind, this is one of the greatest first aid kit in car importance. It can help you remain calmer and focus more on the road while driving because subconsciously you know that in case of an unfortunate event, you have the basics that will help you to tackle the emergency. You also do not have to worry about the long response time of the medical services. Always make sure that the first aid kit is up-to-date and has all the basic medical supplies. You should make it a habit to check your first aid kit at least once a month and replenish it if it has expired. 

Reduced casualties

Roughly 17 road accident-related casualties occur in India every hour. The good thing is that it can be greatly prevented, and you can be among the first responders at the scene if you have a proper first aid kit in your vehicle. Accident-related deaths can be very devastating as they can disrupt a whole family in minutes. You can play your part as a responsible citizen and can save a life. A basic first aid treatment can make a day and night difference in survivability. So the first aid kit is not only helpful for your safety, but you can also make a difference by saving lives on the road in case of an unfortunate accident.


The first aid kit in Indian vehicles has been made compulsory, and you are provided with one when you purchase your vehicle so you can guage first aid kit in car importance. But the sad part is that no one takes care to look at the contents of the first aid kit and to regularly check whether the kit has expired or not. There is no proper training about how to use them in case of an emergency, and they are reduced to a dead weight being carried in a vehicle. So we must ensure that the basic items are present in our first aid kit, and it is kept fresh. The government should also incentivize its citizens to learn basic first aid response and CPR training, which can not only save their own life but also many on the road.