Chevrolet Cruze


Ever found a beast lurking in the shadows that is waiting to pounce.

Ever found a car that is waiting to be unleashed on the road. ,, And yet give you an outstanding mileage for its performance.

Ever lived the experience that gives you a rush of a powerful car that shudders your nerves.

The wait is finally over for many of us..

Chevrolet Cruz is the car which meets all expectations and leaves other cars high and dry in its path.
This is…
A car, which every Indian would like to own,

A car that listens to your whims and fancies on the road while keeping your costs within your budget.

A car, that can beat any other car in its segment and yet cost you the same while offering more than its peers.

Other than the price which is a little out of the normal Indian middle class purview, Chevrolet Cruz is probably the best buy for its unbeatable looks, performance, and cost effectiveness. General Motors has lived up and surpassed all expectations by releasing a muscled sedan at a price, mileage and performance, which other competitors can rarely think of achieving.

Why Buy the Chevrolet Cruze..

150 BHP Highest Power churning Engine in its class. Cruze leaves behind all its competitors ((One of the Mercedes C class variants has 180 Bhp),

An astounding mileage of 17 kmpl (other peers such as corolla, civic and Skoda diesel give a bare 12-14 kmpl)

Awesome looks (scores over other contemporaries for its ,sleek, sturdy and acutely stylish looks.)

The only Muscled car sedan in India (nothing even comes close)

Exclusive added accessories such as alloy wheels included, infotainments, etc)

And finally the tinge of a super car that bursts to 100kmph in a staggering 8 .6 seconds…

Ultimately, If we are not sure of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini in our life, the Cruze definitely will act as a great substitute for the adrenalin rush..