Car review of Tata Indigo Marina


Tata makes good cars that are excellent value for money. And the Tata Indigo Marina is no exception. This nifty little model is designed to fit into Indian roads with the least amount of maneuverability. Here are a few facts about the car which should give you an idea of how it works.

This Tata Indigo Marina is one of the first estate cars to be made solely for the Indian market. The car has a 1.4 liter 1396 cc engine that supports good speed. The engine also has a special 32 bit microprocessor that provides a maximum speed of 85 PS at 5500 RPM. The maximum torque of the car can increase with at 3500 RPM. Petrol engines as well as diesel engines are also present in the same model but there are significant price differences in both models. The car offers a 13.9 km/liter on the highway and 8.9 km/liter inside the city

Features and comforts

The interior of the car is far bigger than any other car in the same segment and this ensures a large amount of space for passengers. Folding rear seats, power windows, power steering, central locking and rear defoggers are also provided on request. The car also has front fog lights and rear wash wipers as optional additions.

It’s a good looking car with much better paint quality than before. And it is a practical vehicle for families. It comes in a range of colors you can choose from along with body colored handles and full wheel covers. Dual toned interiors and a soft look dashboard make it really attractive on the inside too.

Tata has been actively promoting the car with discounts and special offers to make it more attractive to the rich Indian middle class. The latest ex showroom price tag is about 5, 00,000 but it can soar up to 6, 00,000 with additional features and luxury tweaks. The price is more or less near to the Tata indigo sedan version.

On the whole this car is good value for money. The price tag is affordable and the TATA brand name is always great. However it doesnt satisfy the crossover breed that the Western car manufacturers offer.