Which are some of the best 7 seater cars in India below 20 lakhs INR?

In the last decade, the 7 seater car segment has boomed in the Indian market with over 27 models in the market from which you can choose. The below 20 lakh rupee market has seen a major push, and you get a lot of options these days. The 7 seater vehicles are popular among people with a large family and due to the Covid restrictions, related to social distancing, these days cars with high seating capacity have seen an increase in sales. But a normal buyer can easily get confused with so many options, and it is essential to refer to a guide before putting down your hard-earned money on a vehicle this large.  Here are 5 best 7 seater cars under 20 lakh in India on sale in the market today-

“New Toyota Innova Taxi” by Ian Fuller is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

1. Toyota Innova Crysta

With a price starting from 16.16 lakh rupee, the Innova Crysta is the best choice in the 7 seater option. Innova has been a favorite in this category since its launch in 2006 and has created a niche for itself in the market. The vehicle is so cheap to run and dependable that it maintains its resale value to a very high extent. In the comfort department, the Innova Crysta is best with superior ride quality and a very comfortable interior. The service interval is also long and the service from Toyota is pretty cheap. Innova comes in 7 or 8 seater options and has two fuel choices between petrol and diesel, you also get an option for automatic transmission. 

2. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 

Starting at 8.49 lakh rupee, Maruti Ertiga has been a famous choice in the seven-seater market since its launch. It is a very competent 7 seater vehicle and based on its size, provides a decent and roomy interior along with practicality. What’s more, the legendary Maruti Suzuki after-sale support makes it a value proposition. The running and maintenance cost is among the best in the segment. Right now you only get one engine option in both petrol and CNG. An automatic version is also present. The Z+ version from the lineup is well loaded with a touch screen infotainment system and other bells and whistles. 

3. Mahindra Marazzo

Launched in the year 2018, this largest MPV from Mahindra has quickly gained a respectable share in the market in a short time and is a good option among the best 7 seater cars under 20 lakh in india. Starting at 11.57 lakh rupee, this MUV is available with one diesel engine option. The construction of the vehicle is a rugged ladder frame chassis but provides car-like comfort. You can buy this vehicle in a 7 or 8 seating configuration. In the interior too, the seating comfort is good with a nice atmosphere and quality. The ride quality is also good with predictable handling at high speed. The M6 version is a decent buy with dual airbags and ABS.

4. Hyundai Alcazar 

With officially entering the seven-seater market, Hyundai has launched this vehicle from 16.3 lakh rupee onwards. It is based on the same platform as Hyundai Creta and comes with petrol and diesel engine options. The biggest selling point is the luxurious interior that can accommodate 7 people in great comfort, with plain ride quality. You can also have captain seats as an option for the middle row, making it super comfortable over long distances. Even with all seven seats up, you get a class-leading 180 liters of boot space. A vehicle is a good option for a daily urban environment commute. The base model is also very well loaded and offers a good value for money.

5. Mahindra Bolero Neo

The legendary Mahindra Bolero, which was launched in 2003, still holds cult status in the Indian market. Starting at 10.9 lakh rupees, this model has been a favorite choice in the rural and semi-urban market. The newer NEO version was launched this year and has superior passenger safety and meets the BS6 emission requirements with ease. The company says that it is a redesigned version of the now-discontinued XUV300. The NEO version has better ride quality as compared to the old model and feels less crude. The top variant is loaded with N10, is loaded with some serious equipment, and offers good value for money.


The 7 seater car market below 20 lakhs is filled to the brim with options, and you will be spoiled with choices. But you must choose a model that fits your requirements like comfort, fuel efficiency, or cheap running coats and go for the best 7 seater cars under 20 lakh in india. The review will help you narrow down your choice, and you can choose the best choice. Go for a seven-seater vehicle if you need it. If you do not have any requirements for large seating, then you can save a lot by going for a normal sedan or hatchback.