Hyundai New Thinking


New thinking-Hyundai Motors

If we always presume that Germany or US alone is the front runner in automotive technology, then it is time to reconsider our thoughts. Hyundai Motors company, which is one of the largest global automaker has gone miles ahead in the Fuel cell technology..

In the 2011 Seoul Motor show, Korea, HMC(Hyundai motors corporation) has showcased its “New thinking” on its products. HMC s concept car Blue 2 was unveiled with great pomp and show, which features a Fuel cell Electric vehicle technology.

With a power of 90kW and an astonishing mileage of approximately 35 km/ l of the Hydrogen fuel, the Blue 2 is the way forward for the future of clean driving. The Blue2 also is equipped with other eco friendly features such as low resistance drag design, fluid flowing designing and the entire car is made up of eco friendly items and components. This model will surely be a good competition for the popular Toyota Prius

The design of the New Thinking Blue model.

The exterior design is very innovatively structured. With an auto recognition system which identifies the driver, and external side and roof cameras replacing the conventional mirrors , the Blue 2 is a car to reckon with the futuristic driving. It also boasts of a wider legroom, space .There is no doubt that the Blue2 , if commercially available in the future would make a furor in the global market with its classy design ,Engine and its appeal. Welcome to the word where your car produces water as the exhaust. The beauty of fuel cell is soon to be revolutionized.