Jaguar XF


Since the TATA Motors took over the Jaguar plant in UK, the Jaguar brands are now also made available in India . India is fortunate to have one of the world’s best automotive brands . Jaguar brand of cars is a dream vehicle for any Indian citizen. In this article we examine the latest Jaguar XF model which is taking the world by storm through its state of the art, mean Diesel Engine

Jaguar XF.

In 2010, Jaguar XF has released its Diesel variant which is an epitome of prime sporting luxury. While the Diesel Engine breathes in the raw power of a hungry beast, the car sports a lot many features which put in an altogether –out of the world driving experience.

Power and the Engine- The new Jaguar XF sports a 275 Bhp- 3 litre Diesel Engine. With an astonishing acceleration of 0-100kmph in 6.4 seconds, the XF‘s V6 Engine can only push you back to the seat while accelerating. With a mind boggling 600NM of torque delivered through this powerful diesel Engine, the XF will not fall short in its pickup because of its twin turbo chargers. The diesel engine thus never lags behind its Petrol counterparts. It also provides great fuel efficiency and the Engine is mounted on an extremely stiff and stable chassis.

Appearance– With the typical trademark athletic and sporty look of Jaguar, the XF reinforces the extremely stylish Design couture of the Jaguar Family. While one can only be stunned by its muscular appearance, the Jaguar also is a car for the super executive.

Space- the Jaguar XF sporting saloon is unlike other cramped sporting sedans which can only seat 4 persons. The XF can easily fit 5 adults with great comfort because of its spacious interiors. While the Porsche Panamera can only fit exactly 4 persons owing to its 4 seats, the Jaguar XF redefines the interior comfort by easily seating 5 persons.

Boot space. While any luxury sporting sedan have extremely small boot spaces, the Jaguar XF beats every other contemporary by providing a massive 540 litres boot . (The biggest taxi – logan has 510 litres of Boot space).

Interiors- The executive saloon only enchants an occupant and pampers him to enjoy the supple leather covering and wooden veneers. A thoroughly luxurious and aristocratic interior welcomes the driver and the occupants as the Jaguar XF will pump up your spirit with its great finishing and an audio system .

Other special features.
The Jaguar XF is designed for the best aerodynamic performance to reduce lag. While aeroplanes and high speed trains are designed to reduce drag, the jaguar XF has the best aerodynamic performance amongst all the other Jaguar models.
The Jaguar Drive selector- is an electronic driving mode selector by which the driver can select different kinds of driving modes. Each mode will tune the engine to the required performance , from sporty to fuel efficient or any other optimum mode .

All in all , the jaguar XF diesel is a mean machine for the rich executives , for it comes at a hefty price of approximately 48 lakhs(Ex showroom price of Delhi)