How do you react when you see an accident?


Imagine you are driving to the office in your new car ,which you bought the other day .The day is bright and the road is clear. You hit on the gas pedal but owing to a sudden traffic pileup, You step on the Brakes and pull over your car..Coming to the scene..

The next scene you find is that there has been an accident ahead and as usual there is a crowd gathered near the vehicle. There is an injured person but needs urgent medical attention. Now comes the Question?
Do you wait for the ambulance that is stuck somewhere in the traffic?
Do you check the watch and move ahead to your office?
Do you think that your new car would get dirty and you would unnecesarily waste time in the police station and thus dont take any trouble to offer a helping hand.?

The ambulance finally might arrive but it would be too late for the injured. Many of us have this initial inhibition to run away and avoid the situation of helping our own citizens because of all the legal wrangles and time involved in the accident. But we need to remind ourselves that God forbid, if tomorrow we are in an accident situation, we need our own fellowmen to rescue us in the nick of time.

By just imagining yourself as a vicitm of the accident is enough to unconditionally offer help to save one’s life during accidents.

Any legal hassle, police enquiries or any time involved are all incomparable to the rewards you get for saving the victim’s life. So when you are in this kind of situation Here are the first things you could offer to do.
-> See if the person is really injured .Depending on th einjury ,you could decide whether it is absolutely urgent for youto take him to the hospital or not.
->If the vicitm is not injured heavily , then call up his relatives to let know the situation and offer to help him till he gets in a safe position.
->Finally if the accident is serious, YOu also need to call the police and an ambulance as soon as possible.Keep the emergency numbers handy with you.

Every year, a large number of Indians come under the wheel and die unnecessarily.Most of the fatalities are caused due to negligent crownd or lack of timely help. A person dies every minute in India because of a road accident. YOU could make the Difference

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