Important car accessories to add once you buy a car

For a car enthusiast, a car buying experience is always an exciting one. The story just begins after purchasing a car. With a plethora of options for car accessories, one is bound to feel like a kid in a candy store. But the important question is, what is necessary and what is not. While buying car accessories, you can easily spend money on unnecessary things, which becomes useless as their novelty factor wears off quickly. In the worst case, they can toss the electrical system of your vehicle. So it is important to understand what is right for your car and what is just plain trash. Here is a list of some important car accessories for your car-

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1. Interior enhancement

Sadly, most of the cars in their lower trims do not provide some essential stuff. You should install the essential pack such as floor mats and boot mats, a good quality seat cover, air freshener if you live in a very humid place, and a car stereo system if your car is not equipped with it. Do not go for the cheap Chinese copies, go for the quality stuff that will outlast your vehicle. Also make sure that any electrical accessory you buy, directly plugs and plays into your car’s electrical system, without any splicing. With modern electronics onboard a car, it is very easy to mess them up by installing the wrong accessory.

2. Security and safety

Although these days, most of the cars have a central locking system, if the base model that you have bought is not equipped with it, then you should install a remote locking system. If you have an older car, without an immobilizer, then you can invest in a good steering lock bar. Car backup sensors are essential these days and have been made mandatory by the government, they ensure that you do not run into things while backing up. If the stock headlight bulbs of your car are weak, then think about getting a higher wattage setup to improve nighttime driving. Do not install too bright bulls as they are illegal. You can also have a GPS tracker in your car to track your vehicle.

3. Emergency equipment

One should always brace for emergencies and being well prepaid helps a lot. You should invest in a good quality fire extinguisher to save your car in an unfortunate fire incident. The basic tools provided by the manufacturer are not enough and you should have tools like a puncture repair kit, air inflator, etc. if you live in an area where the weather is usually bad, then install fog lamps in your car. Lastly, always carry extra fuses, light bulbs, and jump cables if you are planning to go on a long trip.

4. Tyre upgrade

In our Indian market, people are obsessed with the fuel economy, and they can go to any extent to save that last drop. Due to this reason, most of the cars are installed with low-width tires or are ‘under tyred  For example, the base model of the Maruti Swift comes with a 165mm section tire whereas the car can safely take a 185mm section tire. This is good for fuel economy but not so good for car handling and comfort. So if your budget permits, then you should go for a legitimate tire upgrade to improve the safety factor. The fuel economy loss would not be more than 5-8%, a good trade-off for better stability. 

5. Things you should avoid

The market is flooded with useless car accessories that can easily ruin your car’s electronics. Cheap Chinese stuff like an android head unit, Tesla style large screens should be avoided at all costs. They are not designed in a plug-and-play manner and often require surgery of the whole electric loom. Reports are not uncommon where a car catches fire due to improper accessory installation or the airbags blowing off unexpectedly.  So it is always better to go with the stuff that is specifically designed for your car.


So these were the important car accessories to add to your car. As we have seen, the market these days is filled with options regarding car accessories. But here, the rule of caveat emptor(buyer beware) applies in full color. You have to be very careful about what you are about to put or install in your vehicle. A wrong move can burn your car to ashes. So don’t go with blind suggestions or social media trends. Always do proper homework and then decide about what you want in your car. A prudent decision will make your motoring experience a pleasant one.