Maruti Alto vs Hyundai Santro


Just as we buy any new car ,we are always faced with a dilemma to choose the best car among the given price range.

Concentrating on the Hyundai Santro and the Alto,We have a brief comparision of both the car features.

->Starting with the mileage, Maruti Alto definetely offers more mileage per litre of fuel burnt when compared to Santro,With a mileage of 16 -19 km per liter , the Maruti alto scores over Santro.

->Coming to the spacing , Santro definetly offers more space and with its Tall boy looks.It offers a healthy breathing space for the occupants.Though a bit stuffy for 5 ppl, it still is better than an Alto..

->The most important attribute when one purchases a car is the after service sales performance and service costs. The Maruti has the biggest network of service centres spread out in India.While Hyundai mostly has its presence in the cities but it does’nt have a reach in a big way. That puts Hyundai at a disadvantage in towns and suburbs in case of servicing. In addition, the spare parts of Hyundai are definetely costlier than Maruti..

->In terms of performance and agility, both the cars score well.Thus, while deciding the selection ,one must keep the most important attribute that one is looking at .Maruti Alto still scores in terms of pricing as it is cheaper than Santro”s base version by a solid margin of 20k. But then ,more space is costlier when one buys a Santro over a Maruti Alto.

So small it could almost be a miniature elephant

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