Why Solar Cars are not in the market?


Solar technology, the power to harness Energy from the Sun and use it for various purposes has been around from a very long time . With different applications which have used Solar energy from Satellites to Heating water, there is still not a commercial Solar car available in the market.
Solar cars all over the world are custom made for races and exhibition models but none of the companies have come forward with a commercially viable car. There are many reasons behind this issue .

Firstly the Solar technology has not progressed to a level that can support the efficiency and performance of the existing robust internal combustion engines, namely the Diesel and the Gasoline (petrol) cars.

Secondly ,the Solar cells ,which directly convert solar energy into Electricity are not in enough capacity to generate enough power to drive a conventional car which is pretty heavy with its metal parts.

Thirdly the Solar cell technology and the components which come with the highest possible Solar converter costs many times that of the conventional cars. A feasible commercially manufacturing technology standard is yet to make an entry into the automotive market.

Any technology becomes necessary and gains importance when alternatives to existing technologies diminish. Thus as far as Oil is still available on this earth , Diesel and petrol Engines would rule the roads . solar cars may not make a foray until it becomes absolutely necessary to find a replacement for the extremely robust and trustworthy internal combustion technology.