Any Cars need a good maintenance in order to get the best out of its performance and comfort. Special care and treatment are compulsory during monsoon due to heavy rain and waterlogged roads to keep the car safe and safe journey.

  1. The most important care needed for a car and driver safety is the checking the tyre and alloys/rim conditions. During raining water builds a layer between tyres and the road surface, which leads to loss of traction and results in loss of control over the vehicle by the driver. This phenomenon is called aquaplaning. Thus the braking efficiency reduces by half of its actual performance. A clever way to take care of this situation is by not applying the brake pedal progressively; instead tap repeatedly so that brake components dries out water contents. In automatic transmission the same can be achieved by accelerating the car while holding the brake pedal simultaneously. Make sure the brake fluid is full and no leakages before you drive. Also the natural way to increase performance is to clean the mucks around brake components using the high-pressure jets of water.
  2. The second most important to take care of in a car is the rubber parts like windshield wipers, sunroof rubber beadings and also the rubber door beadings, which causes uncomfortable monsoon drive and may result sometime to casualties. Make sure that the wiper blades are in a good condition and makes no irritating sound due to its brittle nature or any prior damage, which in case better to replace by new one to avoid scratches on wind shield. So before you start to drive check the wiper works properly in all conditions (slow, fast,..). Also ensure that the wiper washer fluid tank is not empty. It is always recommended to use wiper washer fluid or detergent based shampoo instead of ordinary water (which even dirties the shield and hinders the view of the road. Also monitoring on the boot’s rubber linings is necessary to make sure of no moisture contents below the floor mat which results in corrosion around the boot floor.
  3. The exterior care is also important when a car is taken out during raining, because the rain water which has few chemicals in it can stain the paint of a body and even results in rusting of metal parts. Even the underneath of a car needs a washing to remove mud. Finally wipe the car dry before covering it with the car cover.
  4. The interior can also be taken care by having awareness before you get into the car during raining. Wet clothes will be soaked by the seats which results to emit damp odour. This can be avoided by proper usage of dry towels over the seats. Also the footwear needs to be cleaned by placing old mats over the existing one at the foot rest or at least news papers which absorbs the moisture. Thus avoids slippery nature when kept on pedals during driving. Even keeping accessories like umbrellas or shopping bags on the boot over plastic sheets is a good idea instead on floor as they can damage the factory-fitted carpeting.
  5. The electrical components need a special attention irrespective of any situation. Especially the battery terminals may get deposited by acid salts which weakens the energy flow and so it needs to be greased at all time. Also its wise to keep the extra fuses in case of any electrical emergency arises and also one headlamp bulb and torch if driving on wet and rainy night.
  6. Other road safety precautions will help you out for a smooth and safe drive during rainy, like:
    • Driving always at controllable speed because the reduced braking efficiency during raining.
    • Maintain the more than twice the distance you usually would from other vehicles to avoid collisions.
    • Try to be in the centre lane of the road, since the water logging happens usually on the side lane and thus you have less contact with water. Also the man-holes are usually present on the side lanes and can be avoided from wheel getting jammed.
    • Turn ON the lights in dusky weather to help you to see the road and also help other drivers.
    • Always carry a warning triangle in your car so other vehicles know you are having a problem with a car. Also a rope to tow in the event of an emergency.
    • In case of exhaust pipe is underwater, then make sure to keep running the engine active so that the fast moving exhaust will prevent the water entering the engine area.

Drive safe and also let other , so everyone reaches home happy and safe 🙂

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