The story of Bangalore Metro


When I first came to Bangalore,(20 years back), I was a child of around 7-8 years ,when i used to go to school. Back then there used to be the ever familiar public bus transport system .Yes , the same BMTC (Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation ) which was known as BTS(Bangalore transport system) in the 1990’s . As i grew up and came back to Bangalore in my 6th standard(14 years ago), I kept hearing of the grand plan of the Metro rail/ ELRTS(Elevated rail transport system) that was touted as the solution for all the Bangalore traffic woes. Big news publicity and active campaigns about the Metro transport system were pretty often the talk in those days.

Then came the year 2000 and the first plan of the Metro transport system was put on paper which was still waiting to be executed. By 2005(5 years ago) I got my first job and that was the time when the Metro rail project finally took off . This December 2010 , the first Bangalore Metro Rail is supposed to chug its way to solve the Explosive traffic problems of Bangalore.

But Wait! Have i missed something?
I am now 26 years old and it took a whopping 15 years to bring a plan of solving the Bangalore traffic woes to actually execute. The irony is that though the project plan was always present, the plan never took off because of the extremely bureaucratic procedures and red tape that the Government carries on with till date. The metro construction is still continuing and is definitely not the complete mass trans rapid system that must have been in place years ago in Bangalore.

The stark truth remains in front of the mute spectators (Bangaloreans). The cost overruns for the delays caused in the implementation have run into millions of rupees. The ELRTS that was supposed to be initially implemented was scrapped in favour for the metro railway. But one thing that served Bangalore since its heydays is the one and only BMTC network of Bus service. 20 years ago, the bus network was the only support for the public transport and even till today , the same BMTC bus service remains the lifeline of Bangalore.

Finally (in good humour), I suddenly read an article in the newspaper yesterday that the ELRTS (Elevated rail transport system )ELRTS is again going to be implemented as a feeder service to the METRO rail . For now , I am still waiting for my first ride on the Bangalore Metro rail.

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