Facts about Indian Railways


Few countries in the world have an efficient network of rail roads and India is among them. Here are a few staggering statistics about the Indian railways.

-> Indian railways employs the largest workforce in the world to run the lifeline of Indian transport.
->In terms of cost of transport, Indian railways still remains the cheapest mode of transport in India .When compared to any other countries, Indian railways offers the cheapest ticket travel for a journey.
->It remains one of the biggest owned railways under government control in the world.
->Unlike other countries such as Germany and Japan, Indian trains undertake one of the longest journeys that stretch to days together. Although the Russian line of around 5000 miles remains the longest running train distance.
->Despite its shortcomings when compared to the highly efficient Deutsche bahn(Germany’s rail network ) and the Japan’s Shinkansen (Bullet train n/w), the Indian railways without doubt remains the most popular mode of transport .
->The Indian rail network stretches in the highlands of himalayas to the Western Ghats of konkan stretch, notwithstanding the highest railway line that the Chinese railway built in the Tibet.
->The Freight or Goods carried through the Indian railways froms the backbone of the Indian Industrial and manufacturing sector.
->According to a 2007 survey, a staggering 6,219 million passengers travelled in the indian railways in one Year. This is more than 6 times the Indian population.