Formula One drivers from India


The first formula one grandprix that represents the highest epitome of the racing car sport was held in 1946. The concept behind the Formula One is actually a formul or a set of rules that guide the race and this sport has been in place from the last 64 years. Formula one as a sport is also widely watched and it grabs a significant viewership from the 2nd most populated country which is none other than India. But as History is not written often, the first formula one driver from India who participated in a real Formula one race was none other than Narain Karhikeyan.

Venturing into a territory that was ruled by the likes of Schumacher and that is predominantly European motor sport, An Indian finally entered the Blazing formula one track in 2005. Narain Karthikeyan , hailing from tamil nadu , which is the heart of the Indian Racing sport fired on the track to write history for India. He would definetly go down in the History books for being the first from India to venture out in this demanding sport .

Although Narain Karthikeyan did not have much success and had to be contended to complete the races in the last driver spots during the races, his successor Karun Chandok is scripting a different story. With Narain out of the F1 for want of sponsorships and reduced team performance, India waited for its next David of Goliath who would create his own mark in the cut throat racing maze of formula One.

Karun Chandok is currently driving for the hispania Racing F1 Team. While Karun Chandok has shown a promising profile in the F1 where he fetched a certaing number of championship points in few of his races, it still is a long way for the Indians to make a mark . With excellent support coming from the very own Fore India F1 team, the next coming years in F1 will define the trajectory of the Indian presence in the world’s most watched racing sport.

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