History of Maruti


In 1981, when there were basically only 2 car models running on the Indian roads :Ambassador and premier Padmini, a fledgeling company was setup that had a stake from the Indian government and a small Japanese manufacturer in those days. With the setting up of this indigeneous company gave the birth to the Automobile revolution in India. The company that made history year after year since its first model known as the 800, Maruti has defined the modern Indian automotive industry.

The History: Maruti company – named after the son of Hanuman- Marut- the GOD of the Wind, has truly created a sandstorm in the Indian Automotive world after its inception in 1981. Initially supported by late Sanjay Gandhi, son of the late Prime minister, Indira Gandhi and borrowing the Japanese technology from its parent Suzuki motors ,Maruti Udyog started manufacturing cars from 1983, Since then Maruti has overtook every rival and has been the leader of the car manufacturing in India in terms of production, revenues and profits.

With over 15 models ranging from the Grand Vitara (which is completely imported SUV from Japan ) to the new models such as the A star, ritz and the Swift series, Maruti continues its unimaginable dominance in the indian subcontinent. In 2007 , the Suzuki motor corporation increased its stake in the share holdings and Maruti udyog was renamed as Maruti Suzuki. Suzuki motors being a global leader in manufacturing compact cars at one time was actually manufacturing lesser cars than the Maruti Suzuki itself. As of now Maruti Suzuki remains a subsidiary of the Suzuki motor corporation from 2007 onwards and the government of India does’nt have any stake .

With its largest plant in Gurgaon (Haryana) ,followed by Manesar , Maruti produces the largest number of cars in a year .