Carbon fibres :- the body of a Formula 1 car


Ever wondered what it takes to create an F1 car that can withstand immense amounts of pressure and stress but still keep the car from crumpling during high speed crashes.Ever wondered that how even after incredible somersaults and deadly crashes ,the driver’s compartment of an F1 remains intact. Apart from the most advanced technology used for Braking and stability control for an F1 car to keep running, it also needs special materials for building the outer body that can withstand any crash.

F1 car
To protect the driver from getting seriously injured, the outer body of the F1 car needs a material that is harder than iron or steel but is still light at the same time to keep the car dynamics running.Hence the Formula 1 engineers needed a material that is light weight but extrememly strong on the inside. The solution was offered by choosing Carbon fibres to build the body of the Formula 1 car.We all know that Diamond is the hardest material on earth and is made of Carbon but there are Carbon fires that consist of extremely strong linkages that are used to build the F1 car.The beauty of Carbon fibres is that
these are 3 times stronger and 4 times lighter than steel.The outer body of an F1 is actually created from a mold that has the shape of the required car and the carbon fibres are then carefully laid inside these molds.The final carbon fibre shape of the car is actually developed in ovens that bake at high pressures and temperatures.

The first carbon fibres were introduced in 1980 ‘s and since then these Carbon fibres have definetely prevented major damages that were previously common in F1 crashes .