Shinkansen – Bullet Train


Bullet trains or the Shinkansen (New Main line ) trains of Japan are one of the most famous high speed trains in the world.

These trains were first planned to introduce during the 1940’s but owing to the Japan’s involvement in the world war-2, the actual Shinkansen started only in 1964. But still the Shinkansen or the Bullet train remains one of the oldest High speed network of train system, travelling at around 300 km/hr.

Shinkansen-Bullet train

Technology- The Bullet trains use special tracks that are specifically welded and designed for these trains and use increased curvatures to accomodate the high speeds of the trains. In addition, these trains also have anti derailment technology and earthquaqe proof techniques that bring the train to a halt whenever an earthquake is detected.The astonishing track record of no fatalites till date in the Shinkansen trains prove that the safety systems of the trains are very precise and trustworthy.The shape of the train usually looks like a bullet because of which the Shinkansen is also referred to as a bullet train.

These trains are surely going to give the airlines a run for their money as Japan is developing the next generation trains that use Magnetic
levitation. Commonly referred to as Mag-Lev, these trains would increase the speed record of the existing trains that run on tracks. Many countries including, China, UK, Brazil have taken the help of Japan’s advanced rail technology to implement the Bullet train technology .It remains to be seen whether India could invest in bringing the high speed technology to serve the common man ‘s interests.

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