Coffee Beans to power your car.


Ever imagined how the next cars of the future are going to power you to the place you want to travel.With depleting resources and the government hiking the fuel prices of petrol and diesel as frequently as possible, it is imperative that we need to go ahead with revolutionary technologies that can support affordable travel. In the tryst to achieve the impossible, a new sort of an approach has been tried out.

A recent report from a prominent news channel refers to an experimental car that runs on coffee beans for powering its engine. Yes, the car offers a mileage of around 30 miles per 10kg of coffee pellets. That makes it roughly 3 miles or approximately 4.5 km/kg of Coffee beans. Mr Martin Bacon, head of a conservation group from England took up the challenge of using Coffee as a fuel for the car. The BBC’s program “Bang goes the theory program “, last year set up this challenge and Mr bacon came out with flying colours.

The principle behind the coffee fuel car was to use the hot gas that is produced by burning the coffee pellets. The design of the coffee powered car is unique in itself with different stages to produce the combustible gas, which is used to compress and run the strokes of the engine. A gasifier system was built and integrated into an old VW Scirocco car to achieve this feat.The coffee beans proved to serve as a dependable fuel .

Although a prototype that worked, this invention could prove to be a landmark in the future of using bio fuels/alternate fuels for running the cars. Only time would tell as to how the use of various bio fuels could help in finding a solution for the already depleting Oil resources. Till then it is probably time to sip your coffee at a trendy coffee bar.

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