2009-Engine of the Year -VW TSi


The revolutionary VW 1.4 l Tsi twincharger engine has been adjudged the Engine of the year award . The most sought after award for the Engine of the Year went to the VW Tsi engine for its stellar performance in all the departments . The award itself is given by the judgement of renowned panelists from all over the world.

The VW 1.4 litre TSi engine has also been given the tag of ‘Green engine of the year ‘ for its amazing mileage and emission stats. Without compromising on the power, the Green engine emits a very low Co2 at 144g/km. In addition , the mileage stands at 16km per litre .The engine’s advanced technology combines both power and performance by employing a supercharger followed by a turbocharger that increase the density of air for a better combustion. It is commendable that the VW’s internal combustion engine overtook the other hybrids and Electric vehicles to bag the Green engine award.

In India, the VW Polo has already made a startling entry.But the VW Polo which was released in India still doe’snt sport this new 1.4L Tsi twin charging engine. It will be a good waiting to see as to when VW introduces this engine for the VW Polo in India.As of now the International Engine of the year- 1.4 l Tsi is used to power VW golf (variants), VW Scirocco, Touran and other similar lower capacity cars from the VW family.

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