Porsche Cayenne, the name is not that familiar in the Indian market but many of us know that it unleashes mayhem around the world in terms of its performance and safety that comes with sporty cars and driving. Porsche is a worldwide brand that is well known for its legacy of producing sports cars and vehicles for the regular driver. Although Porsche cars are well established in the racing circuits since their inception in the mid 1900’s, the brand Porsche is a rage among the elite class and commands incredible respect owing to its aristocratic branding. When a person owns a Porsche, then the person is definitely a class apart.

Coming from the famed portal of Porsche is a sleek and classy sport MUV known as the Cayenne.
The word Cayenne itself means – red hot and spicy usually associated with pepper and the Porsche Cayenne also acts akin to its name in terms of looks, performance, handling and safety that comes with a sports car, readily usable for a normal driving public. Porsche Cayenne is the biggest car from the Porsche group in terms of size, and size does matter when a Cayenne provides you with a mammoth 4.8litre engine to quench your power needs.

The direct injection turbo Cayenne variant accelerates from 0 to 100kmph in a mere 4.7 seconds. Comparing the 4.8l 6 cylinder engine with a standard Volvo B7r (which is a 7l engine for a bus), one can easily imagine the unlimited adrenalin rush a Cayenne can provide you on a Highway. Packing a 500bhp in a Cayenne is something which you won’t get in any other normal MUV. This engine leaves behind most of the Scorpios, Xtrails and Safaris with a top speed of a staggering 278kmph.

Comfort and Safety
With high speed and performance, Safety is a mandatory requirement that a Cayenne can undoubtedly provide. With inbuilt traction control, ABS, Electronic stability programs all integrated, the Cayenne is bound to give you a smooth ride. There is also an electronic dampener control system to reduce any kind of shocks or bumps during the high speed drives. And with the unblemished upholstery and Bose Speakers to soothe your ears, one can only imagine the relaxed comfort in a Cayenne.

Other features.
There is no stop to the features that come with a Cayenne. With automatic adjusting lighting system, a warning system to avoid blind spots when a car is close to the rear and with its high end adaptive cruise control system and navigation components, there are many more that would fill the unending list of accessories and fixture. The ravishing looks of a Porsche Cayenne can only be matched to another Cayenne alone.

All in all, Porsche Cayenne is a brand to reckon with .And this brand does come with a price tag that can only be afforded by rich guys in India. The present ex showroom price of a Porsche Cayenne turbo in India in Mumbai is at a staggering 1.14 crores(approx INR).

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