Autos and Complaints – Bangalore


Autos are the most common mode of transport in Bangalore.Anyone who has traveled by auto in Bangalore already knows what I’m talking about. The fares can be arbitrary and the rickshaw drivers can be abusive to the point of rudeness.

What makes it so difficult?
The city of Bangalore is small and traveling around it should be absolutely fine. The problem that arises is that Government buses are available but they are hugely crowded. You need to know the route number you have to travel on to reach your destination. There are private buses too that will have better seats but they can be expensive.

Are autos the best way to travel?
Autos are the most convenient method of traveling but the auto drivers can be nightmares to deal with. Most are rude to the point of aggression and they absolutely refuse to go to certain destinations if they don’t feel like it.
• There are designated areas from where you can catch your auto to any destination. Most drivers will charge ad hoc rates according to the time of the day and the destination.
• If it’s raining, you can expect the rates to go high automatically.
• Don’t expect drivers to be polite and keep change ready. Most drivers also have meters that seem to run very fast. And if you don’t have change, you can forget about the entire money you have paid them.
• Rates automatically go up after 8 or 10 in the night when you have to pay half-return charges. That means you have to pay the fare and an additional half of the total fare to cover the expenses of the auto driver returning home. A few may charge you 100% extra when you are traveling after 11 in the night. But recently rules have changed and rickshaw drivers are required to have digital meters and display a fare chart that has been approved by the RTO.
• Minimum fares will cost about Rs 17 to Rs 20 but do not ask them for fixed rates. If you have Google maps on your mobile, check the route they take or you are liable to be taken around the city on an all around the city jaunt!

In case of Complaints
Please do get in touch with the Transport Department at 080-22254900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              080-22254900      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and also 080-22353785 to complain. Be very clear about the problem you had and ensure that you give the rickshaw number to the person on the line. You can also email them at [email protected] to register your complaints.