Honda Activa – Review


Honda Motors applied ‘Cobweb Strategy’ and incorporated ‘Fishbone Analysis’ in its ‘Signature Scooty’ – Honda Activa. This Scooty comes in two variants; Honda Activa Standard and Honda Activa Deluxe. All other features being equal, Honda Activa Deluxe, as the suffix suggests, comes with extra features. They are: 1) CBS and 2) Key Shutter. We will proceed to view the Deluxe model which is same as the Standard, sans the above two special features.
The exterior comes shrouded in colours like Pearl Sunbeam White, Metallic Black, Geny Grey Metallic, Force Silver Metallic, Purple Metallic, Candy Lucid Red etc. This model has a youth appeal and aerodynamic body and the CBS is fitted to control its aerobatic extravaganza.

CBS(Combination Braking System) vis-à-vis Engine Power:- The model boasts of a power of 8Bhp @ 7500 rpm with a decent torque of 9Nm @ 5500 rpm and is featured with 5.3L 4-stroke, single cylinders 109 cc air-cooled engine. This violent ‘tornado’ is bundled with CBS to check it at opportune time. You just have to apply the left lever (and not the right) and the Scooty turns tame even at higher speed and on any surface. The features of drum brakes and the left lever are designed to give this scooty ideal braking distribution. The moment you press the left lever, an equalizer provided in the suite will distribute the braking force equally to front wheels and rear wheels. Rear wheel will have a grabbing grip and the front wheel will also undergo moderate grip as the valves provided in the kit make sure that the distribution force to the front is proportionately cut and opportunely delayed giving importance to rear; all in all, Honda Activa stops there and then as dictated by you.

Honda Activa has been designed to features incorporating abrupt acceleration and sudden deceleration especially to cater to the Indian women. The weightage of the Scooty is also reduced by 4 Kg. allowing itself feasible to put on stand. CBS is practically built into the Scooty to get going of the ‘surface-friction co-efficiency’ theory. And, it really makes it a Deluxe. Add to it the masterpiece key shutter.
The form of this variant is also blessed with tuffup technology that here focuses on the tyre dimensions, tyre base, tyre strength and a double tube inside protection; in all, providing the tyre an extra considered protection. The tyre just doesn’t get penetrated and even if, on an unfortunate day, some object gets penetrated the tyre and you are stranded plump in the traffic, rest assured that the innermost tube is safer and hence no puncture. Believe, this is a remote possibility considering the tyre strength. Honda Activa is a gearless automatic and has a ground clearance of 145mm with its structural dimensions of 1761mm L, 710mm W and 1147mm H. This safe compact Scooty is strongly built, elegantly appealing and is trained to do its job, more so when the ergonomics or workmanship and always ready-to-help sales and service team are gearing up to be after your service. This trial-tested sturdy model is a ‘redesign’ on its own earlier version and has it as a tailor-made suite. Honda Activa is thus undoubtedly the perfect Scooty for office goers ladies and gentlemen. With its reflector-based boomerang headlights and tail lights, it can remotely manipulate any menace. ABS is also fitted and an ABS panel is also provided as a buffer to cushion the impact of dive and force-spastic pulls.

The thrusting demands of mileage and maintenance are well reckoned as 80 kmph and just imagine the safety of a reliable Honda Activa. Front and Rear suspensions are made taut to give it a top-notch performance and manoeuverability in drivability and come protected with spring loads at both sides. Front and rear suspensions are of Hydraulic damper. You may just have a test drive and have a sleep your decision. Honda Active is reliable on almost any terrain. Honda Active is best suited for ladies, for its self start option and less weight age and many other features at the same time making it a male-chauvinistic option to make sure neither gender is peeved. Honda Activa has got sufficient storage, built-in box and a foot box. It is very environment friendly.