The Ambassador car


Remember India ,the time around 30 years ago, when India was beginning to just rise from its sleep ,when most of the India was not even aware that in the next 25 years, India would be facing a tremendous revolution in the automotive scene. That was the time when there was a lone player that single handedly served the Indian auto needs. Ambassador, in its true sense was an Ambassador of the indian automotive world since the Indian independence.

The car, Ambassador, which was manufactured by the Hindustan Motors has been diligently serving us till date.Most of us in india think that Ambassador is just an old car with outdated technology but , few of us know that the Ambassador is a class apart from any other car.The first car of india ,since its inception in 1948(just after Indian Independence) is the only car that ruled the Indian roads for the first 30 years after independence. A legacy unparalleled by none,Ambassador is the proud Indian brand.

Some of its unique features that are not available in any of the normal cars are as follows:

Space and room. The Ambassador is truly a comfortable five seater sedan and could easily outclass the normal sedans that are available in the Indian market. Apart from the high premium Sedans, none of the other sedans nor the japanese variants offer such comfort and space as the Ambassador offers.

Ruggedness and Dependability: It is not a surprise that the Ambassador is a highly dependable car and in some rural areas, the car has been in use for atleast 25 years.Yes,not many cars survive even 15 years on the indian roads, but durability is one feature that is a hallmark of the Ambassador.

Engine: if one has any doubts over the engine capacity of the Ambassador, then one would be in for a surprise that the Ambassador Petrol Engine is a power churning 1817 cc engine,a 4 cylinder engine with a 71 bhp power.for a comparision, the toyota Camry and the Honda Civic both sport a 1800 cc engine.

Other Features: With a heavy fuel tank of 54 litres and a boot space that can carry huge loads and a refurbished interiors that offers many features such as the factory fitted MP3 players, seat covers, and a decent mileage of 10-16kmpl,the Amassador is not just an old power horse.

The Ambassador family also sports a CNG version that has a high mileage and emission friendly engine. All in All, the Legacy of the great car remains and continues in India.

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