New Maruti Alto – K 10


Facing stiff competition in the samll car market , Maruti has launched an upgraded version of the Alto to strenghten its hold . The New Maruti Alto K-10 series sports an improved K series (998 cc)engine to generate power like its other siblings namely the Wagon R and the A star.

According to various news sources, the higher Engine capacity version (K-10 series ) will sell in parallel to the existing versions of Alto to continue and improve the small car market share in which Maruti Suzuki has the lead.

Cost-> The price of th New Alto is quoted at approximately 3 lakhs that brings it close to the Hyundai Santro’s range.

Engine->The new K- series engine which is already a hit in Wagon R and the A star is definetely going to provide more power and mileage to the tune of 20kmpl.

Looks and style->Although the Alto would look the same, The New Alto K -10 will sport a new finishing looks that seem to makes it more attractive than the older car. With attractive bumper, headlamps and a longer car(owing to the bigger engine), the new Alto is sure to catch the public Eye.

With almost 70 % of the small car market share of India being controlled by the Maruti Suzuki motors, there is no doubt that the fan following of its most popular car is poised to tip old scales with the launch of this upgraded version.

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