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Volkswagen VW is a new name in India as we see that this German manufacturer entered into the Indian market very recently . With a number of models that have been released such as the VW Passat, VW Jetta, VW Polo and the VW Beetle , VW has entered into India with a huge investment that is unparalleled in recent times.

For most of the people , VW is a new and unknown brand but the truth is that VW or VolksWagen is a renowned German Automotive company that actually owns an umbrella of brands that are released all over the World. Volkswagen Group is the largest manufacturer in the Europe and is ready to tip Toyota as the world’s largest car manufacturer. In raw terms , it is an automotive giant with a global reach.

Das Auto- ‘The Car’ in German language is the tagline of the VW. The Meaning Volkswagen also means people’s car/wagon in a near sense. Volkswagen is a very common brand in Germany and has a huge presence all over Europe . It also reaches out in US with its many models . One would be actually surprised that the following models are all from the VW group.
->Skoda Auto
->Audi group (The luxury car brand of VW, comprising of Lamborghini,Seat and Audi series)
->Volkswagen brand series
->Bugatti ( Veyron is the Fastest car in the world )

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