Autorickshaws in Bangalore


From the past one month, there has been a furore in Bangalore about the price hike for the auto fares in the city.This price hike issue comes up almost every 6 months in Bangalore because of increasing petrol prices or any other increase in taxes etc. The hike is directly passed on to the consumer and many of us realize that autorickshaws of Bangalore have a pretty distorted image. It is rarely uncommon to find that any consumer has not faced any problems with the auto drivers atleast once .

While the auto fares are probably the highest (Rs 17 ,minimum fare -new rates)in Bangalore ,when compared to any other city of India, we Bangaloreans do not realize that :-

-> not only the auto fares but the general cost of living itself is one of the highest in Bangalore city(when compared to other cities of India) .

-> The BMTC city transport fares of Bangalore are among the highest when compared to any other metropolitan cities of India.

->Starting from your clothes to the basic Idly vada or Chicken biryani, the costs in Bangalore are among the highest.

->The five star hotels of Bangalore also have the highest rates among the Indian cities, not excluding the normal restaurants.

->Although the city has exploded with traffic and all round development, the supporting infrastructure of roads and facilities has not kept pace with the growth,that has indirectly contributed to increased demand and prices.

->And notwithstanding the multiplexes that charge a hefty 75 rupees for a mere popcorn and Rs 70 for a coke.

->Also,The costliest Petrol and Diesel is sold in Bangalore alone, as Karnataka government levies the highest Fuel
taxes and vehicle taxes in the country.

->One could buy a Fiat punto at a much reduced price in tamil nadu (to the tune of 10- 20 thousand less) rather than when one buys it in Bangalore.

-> the list could go on …

In effect, it is not just the auto fares in Bangalore but also the very basic living that has come under the hike mania. And most of us know that when one takes an auto , atleast 7/10 times, the auto driver does’nt create any ruckus on the fare. In my very own experience of travelling in autos, I have only had around 5 bad experiences out of countless auto rides. I dont intend to empathize nor sympathize on the autorickshaw drivers nor am I taking sides, but before we jump to about the usual debate of how autos must be organised and worry about the next inevitable price hike of the auto fares, spare a thought that you are actually paying a hiked rate for every other thing in Bangalore.

Metaphorically speaking,the usual Auto fare hike is just the tip of the iceberg.The truth is we have probably become used to the price hike mania in Bangalore.

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