Things to check before you buy a Second hand car.


The Second hand car market is a huge market in any country and the rules that guide the buying are numerous and varied. Today we will check out some of the important and valuable points that will help make a correct decision .

Quality and performance of the Car

First things first, When you decide to buy a second hand car, the main worry you have before saying yes to the seller is to make sure that whether the car is in a good condition to use or not. In the scenario where the car is hardly 2 or 3 years old or has been driven very less kilometres ( Say 15-30k km), it is most often safe to assume that the car would run without giving much trouble for another couple of years (In India). Only when the car is old or has been driven above 30-40000kms, you need to take stock of the quality by doing some personal checks that include: driving and showing the car to an expert, Checking for some internal or external damages and most of all taking the confidence of the seller

Price of the Second hand car.
One very well knows that the price of a car is indirectly proportional to the age of the car. If the car is an old model, the price range surely comes down no matter what the condition is. Unless the car is maintained extremely well , one need not pay a premium on an old car. But the other way also holds true wherein one pays a premium under the assurance that the seller makes sure that everything in the car he sell is running and working. It is usually a tradeoff between the extra price paid for the working condition of the old car.

Other points
Other miscelleaneous points such as the reputation of the the seller, general market research about the price of that second hand car by going to established dealers, a basic internet based search would all serve well to guide your decision.

Buying a second hand car is not an easy process and it is very well actually a gamble in India but it does give you the pleasure of driving nice cars at low prices albeit older than the actually brand new cars. Overall one can be satisfied when the second hand car gives more or less the same performance of a corresponding new branded car.