Which car to Choose ? Diesel or Petrol


There has been an age old debate about which is a better engine :– Diesel or the Petrol,but the truth is that both Diesel and the petrol engines have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Let us examine the salient features of the Diesel Engines and the Petrol engines in this article.

Advantages of Diesel Vehicle:
->Higher efficiency,
->more torque,
->Diesel is cheaper than Petrol relatively.
->Long lasting
Disadvantages of a Diesel vehicle
->Heavier engine and noisier than Petrol Engines
->Higher cost of the Engine and Higher maintenance cost than the petrol Engine.

Advantages of petrol engine
->Easy maintenance,
->quicker accelration
->lower mileage
->cheaper Engine
->easy maintenance.
->not suitable for heavy vehicles
->Light engine and noiseless smoother drive

Which one to buy.
While deciding on the choice, one could consider the above points and prioritize them accordingly to one’s needs.
Overall ,Diesel is the choice if you want the torque and power over all gears and a higher fuel efficency with long distances to travel.

One could choose a petrol car if you dont drive much ,want a noiseless smooth engine but are not torque crazy .In addition the mileage specifications must not bother you in the long run.

The trade off comes when you dont need to drive more kilometres just to compensate for a saving price difference between the Petrol and the Diesel car .The actual savings for a Diesel car would only come after driving around a steady 10-12000km per year for atlesat 2 -3 years .

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