Porsche Panamera


Ever heard of a sports car that has four seats. Ever seen a car that is extremely sporty in its looks and yet seats 4 people with excellent comfort and provides an experience unparallel to any other premium sedan. Welcome to the revolutionary model Porsche Panamera that was developed exclusively to seat four people and yet integrate all the features that are typical to a high performing Porsche model. The Panamera exudes a look and feel that can only be matched with the high class engineering of Porsche.

To be different is the difference that Porsche is known for and without doubt, the New Panamera offers what any other four seater Sedan can never think of coming close. The Panamera S is a model which is built to last and get you out of the comfort zone, yet drive safe with your family and load all the stuff you can.

The Engine.
With a bursting performance of a 4.8 l engine that employs Direct injection to throttle a powerful sporty performance, the Panamera develops an astounding 400 horsepower to blaze through the roads.

The performance
With an acceleration of 0-100kmph in just around 5 seconds, A Panamera would surely give you the jitter to go beyond your expectations. The 5m long mean machine gives you absolute control at high speeds and is specifically designed to give your family the thrill of a sports car. The Panamera has a top speed of around 285 kmph.

Adjustable stability.
A unique feature of the Panamera is its integrated rear spoiler that doesn’t normally show up at low speeds. Once the car cruises to around 70 – 90 km/hr, the spoiler opens up from behind to improve the traction. At higher speeds, the spoiler splits into two to become wider that indirectly keeps the car on the road at high speeds. Amazing stability at a high speed course is an important point that Panamera gives.

Safety and comfort.
Highly aristocratic upholstery with smooth interiors is a treat that Panamera gives. With an integrated Bose surround system is something that one can enjoy as one drives the Panamera.
The panamera has only four seats and is not a typical five seater like the other sedans/ four seaters.This is because a sports car with high performance must have comfortable seats at high speeds and curves. A huge boot also provides ample space for luggage and all the necessity for a family use.

There is no doubt that the muscular and sleek look of the Panamera definitely is a treat to the eye and being a four seater, does look pretty neat and sturdy when compared to the smaller sizes of the other Porsche models. To summarize it looks like the big brother of the Carrera/ Boxter models and is more commanding in its appearance.
But at a whopping price of around 13.956.000 INR (1.4 crores), Panamera is surely in the higher premium segment cars

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