Hard Facts about Indian roads


If you were wondering as to what is so special on our Indian roads, then it is time to check the chilling statistics that seem to hang like a dangerous dangling sword over the motorists of India.

Here are a few startling facts of Indian roads from Various sources.

1)According to a WHO report ,India is one of the leading countries where people die because of road accidents.
The latest report from india refers to a mind boggling 13 Deaths per hour atrributed to road accidents. On the other hand the figures in China are lesser and the Developed countries such as US, and UK have paltry figures of fatalities even after they use a majority of road transport. Another report specifies that India could be topping the number of road accidents in the whole world

2)Most of the Indian cities also figure on top for the highest pollution . Notwithstanding the bigger cities, the surprising fact is smaller cities such as Ludhiana, kanpur,Faridabad etc also are a larger part of these disturbing stats. The road to industrialization in India has perhaps made the environment take the brunt of the effects . It is no surprise that many Indians do suffer form various allergies attributable to the pollution.

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