What to you do when you meet a traffic police in Bangalore?


Every day, Bangalore adds around 600 vehicles to the already clogged roads and to this huge traffic , we have numerous traffic cops who manage the roads in the polluted junctions of Bangalore.

It is easily obvious to see that Bangalore has one of the highest number of traffic cops who work tirelessly on the crowded roads, many a time risking their lives by standing dangerously to control the buzzing traffic. While most of them perform their duties for a befittingly paltry salary and a thankless job, the Traffic cop is one of the most common person whom you would not miss to see when you are on the Bangalore’s road. while also known for their notorious fine collecting tasks, we also are aware that it is a highly common that we get away from the fines by paying bribes many a time.

While fretting over the rampant corruption that is freely on display on the roads of Bangalore, we also need to know that the commuters are equally culpable for offering money to escape the heavy fines that come by breaking a traffic rule. Corruption is not one sided. Even the person who pays the bribe is also supporting corruption which is why the Bangalore traffic management is so infamous .

Here are some things which we can try to better our bangalore’s image of traffic cops and management.
-> When a traffic cop catches us , we need to really ask whether we have broken any traffic rule . if yes, it is upto our honesty to accept and pay the fine. the benefit of paying a fine for a genuine rule break would always remind us to not repeat the fine.
-> If a traffic cop stops you for no fault of yours, it is your right to ask as to what rule have you really broken.Ask for the proof if you are not sure and insist that being honest is better than simply paying an unnecessary bribe to get off for something which you have never committed.
->Finally your conscience is the best judge when it comes to dealing with traffic rules . It is not that we are influenced by the traffic cops to take them for granted. Most of them are doing a great job and we need to be proud of their contribution inspite of the hardships they face to make our life easier.But when things get out of hand , it is best to admit guilty rather than going for a easy solution. A responsible citizen is first a virtue that needs to come out from us.

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