Most often we hear that if one maintains a car in a correct way, there is no doubt that the car would serve you well for a long time.

In addition to doing the routine service checkups at regular intervals, it does help to check the vital parameters of your car at least once in a month.

The first easily noticeable point is the sound of your engine. In case your engine seems to have become noisier and rough in behaviour, it is time you check the Oil level. Oil in an engine is the most important constituent that keeps the engine parts smooth and prevents damage due to friction and wear and tear, Insufficient Oil is one of the main causes of inefficiency and reduced performance.

It is advised to keep your fuel tank at almost more than half level capacity for better efficiency. With less fuel in tank, more air is filled up in the tank that facilitates vapourization of the fuel thereby reducing the net quantity available for engine. Also very lower levels will not ensure a steady supply of fuel to the engine thereby damaging the Electric pump and decreasing efficiency.

The next thing to have a check is on your Car Brakes and the Clutch behaviour. These are the most common things to check once your car is around 2-3 years old and to maintain a good working condition, it is advisable to replace the clutch plate if the gears become too tight or don’t offer you the power. Also, there must be no compromise when one feels that there are some problems with the brake behaviour.

The above form some basic points to be noted for an average mid sized car and of course they don’t normally apply to high end cars and functions,

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