Is it a car?, Is it a Super car? Or Is it a Car from the Future?

If one wants to see a car that is truly different and that is acutely stylish than any other car in this world, then that car is none other than the Lamborghini. With cutting edged sharp curves and an extremely streamlined structure, the premium high performance Lamborghini brings us a look that comes straight out of a Science Fiction movie, in fact
, the car has been used to showcase scenes in lot of futuristic Sci Fi movies .

The name Lamborghini comes from the Italian Founder Mr Ferruccio lamborghini who envisioned a luxury sports car, which went on to define the epitome of super car technology and set an example to its cousins that come out from the Ferrari, Audi and SLS manufacturers. In 1963 Mr Ferruccio Lamborghini set up the Lamborghini factory which churned out the best of the luxury car segment.

Extremely Extravagant is one word that fits rightly to the Lamborghini to the core. Though there are many models that have come out of the Lamborghini brand, the most familiar and stylish of all the cars is the Lamborghini Murciélago. With its out of the box look and aero plane like winged doors and unimaginable roar and power, there is none  to match the performance of a Lamborghini on the road.

At an astounding 12 cylinder 6.4 l Engine(normal cars have only 3-4) and an engine comparment that seems to look like a jet blast, the Lamborghini provides an exhilarating 660Nm at 6500rpm. With a roaring engine power of 670Hp.. it ranks very high on acceleration and usually bursts off on the road.

Performance and features
The top speed of Lamborghini is rated at 342km/hr and it has automatic
adjustable winged doors that stylishly take a protruded view.With the
Car racing form 0-100km/hr in barely 3.2 seconds, the Lamborghini is
akin to a fighter plane trying to take off.

The body of the Lamborghini is made of high strength Carbon fibre
material that are common in Formula 1 Cars . The carbon fibres are
very strong material that provide safety to the high speed cars. The
frame is a mixture of high strength steel and carbon fibre that give a
rock solid structure to this super car.

As with the usual high price of Super cars, The Lamborghini would cost
you a minimum of Rs 26000000, (2.6 crores).

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