The Super Recommender – Ford Ikon’ Owner’s Viewpoint


The Super Challenger Set of Questions which any car owner would answer about his car is given below. This information is a first hand information and opinion about a particular car from the car owner/user .This article highlights the Ford ikon TDCi model.

1) What is the name/model year of your car ? where and how long have you been using the car ?
Ans Ford ikon Tdci 2009, 1 year, Bangalore

2) Is it a new or a used/second hand purchased car?
Ans New

3) What is the practical mileage of your car (On the High way and in the city)?
Ans 15 in City, 20 on highway with AC

4) Is your car a petrol version or a Diesel version?
Ans Diesel

5) Are you satisfied with the driving comfort with the car? (Yes/No)
Ans Yes

6) Are you satisfied with the acceleration/pickup of your car?
Ans Yes

7) Are you satisfied by the number of Service centres and the service provided by the car manufacturer?
Ans Yes

8) Is your car High maintenance or low maintenance in terms of cost / repairs?(High/Moderate/Low)?
Ans Moderate

9) Are you satisfied with the seating space and comfort inside your car ?
Ans No

10) What is one thing which you would want to improve in your car?
Ans Better interiors and more space

11) Would you recommend your friend to Buy this car ?(Yes/No)
Ans Yes

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