Compare Chevrolet spark vs Maruti Alto cars


Here is a readers review on the comparision of Chevrolet Spark vs Maruti Alto

Choosing a good car can be mystifying in the current Indian car market. New models are coming in nearly every few months and the price tags are super affordable too. Another really great feature is that most car companies are willing to offer full financing of any car model! But today let’s take a look at the elegant Chevrolet spark vs the spunky Maruti Alto. I like both but let’s see how they compare on the nitty-gritty.

Costs can be one of the most important points when buying a car. But here both models win hands down. The Maruti Alto is priced very reasonably at about Rs 3, 22,694 while the Chevrolet Spark is priced slightly higher at Rs 3, 84,445. Both of them are good value for money with air conditioners, power windows, power steering, and comparable luxuries. We do know however that Chevrolet is an import brand and the slightly higher price tag for the brand name seems fine.

Dimensions and engine specifications
The Maruti Alto is slightly longer than the Chevrolet but the Spark is wider by 20mm. The Chevrolet however has a slightly higher ground clearance that makes it better for Indian roads. Both engines are pretty comparable in terms of power and speed but driving the Chevrolet is far smoother on smooth roads due to its gas filled shock absorbers. The Chevrolet has harder suspensions and greater clearance which makes driving it on Indian roads slightly bumpy. But The Alto is a clear winner on fuel efficiency as it works the best on Indian roads. Resale value for the car is better too as most people do tend to trust the Maruti trademark for its reliability.

On the whole both cars are equally good. The Maruti Alto is reliable and has much better resale value but the Chevrolet has a far bigger brand name. Take both cars on a test drive and choose the model that suits your pocket the best.