Indian railways, longest train route: Himsagar express


Traveling by Indian Railways can be pain in the neck, in the backside and nearly every part of your body! But we are grateful for them. The Indian Railway system forms the basis of cheap long distance travel in our country. Without these routes, traveling over the vast richness of India would have been impossible to reach anywhere on time. And the Himsagar Express is a prime example.

An impressive route– The train routed was first established way back in the 1990s but its astounding for its huge range. The Himsagar Express runs the entire breadth and width of the country all the way from Kanya Kumari to Jammu Kashmir. The train from north to south covering a distance of 3715 km with a speed of 58 km/h. The route covers nine Indian states and stops at over 69 different stations. The route will be expanded to include 8 new stations bringing the total to about 77 stations along the route. The train runs only once a week but it takes 71 hours to complete its route and reach its destination. There are numerous stops in between where the train stocks up on water and food for its passengers and you can get off the train for a stroll around. But we don’t really advise you to leave the station. A complete list of the stations that are on the route can be found here.


A little history- The name of the train is very significant. Him refers to the Himalayan mountains while Sagar refers to the Indian ocean. The train

Booking tickets– Tickets are quite reasonable on the train ranging from Rs 643 for Class 3A to about Rs 2000 and more for first class. But do check online to get the latest ticket prices.

Traveling on this train can be a memorable experience if you have the time. Remember that 71 hours means you will be traveling for almost 3 days and that can be very tiring. But rest assured, you will see the whole of India from the seas of Kanya Kumari to the mountains of Jammu Kashmir.