What is Child Lock Safety and How do You Activate it in a Car?

“Child unlocking a car” by Ivan Radic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is a great duty to drive around with a child and ensure his safety. This will most likely be the most cautious driving you’ve ever done. It is critical to understand how to keep your child safe when on a road trip. Make careful to childproof the car doors before taking your child on a ride. All vehicles include a child-lock system for the back doors. Enabling child-lock implies that the door cannot be opened from the inside and can only be opened by pulling the door handle from the outside. This is useful if you have a kid in the rear seat and don’t want them to open the door while you’re driving. When triggered, they prohibit back seat passengers from opening the doors from the inside — both when the car is stopped and moving. Small children can become agitated, especially if they are seated in a car. They like exploring their surroundings and learning by touching things. So, if kids discover the car’s door handle and begin to play with it, it could lead to disaster. This is when the kid lock comes into play.

The method for activating the kid locks will differ significantly depending on the brand and model of your vehicle. But most of the time, it’s as simple as opening your rear doors and looking for a little switch on the edge of the door. Many models will allow you to operate the switch by hand, however, some will require a key. You may be able to activate your kid locks electronically on more recent models. A door control device may be located on your dashboard or on your steering wheel. Simply consult your owner’s manual to learn how to activate the child locks in your vehicle. This will also offer you a quick review of some of your vehicle’s other child safety features. It’s the most critical rule to follow when traveling with children, and the reason is self-evident. In the event of an accident, your youngster is significantly safer in the back seat. Also, if the hit causes the airbags to deploy, that is not safe for a youngster under the age of 13. The force with which an airbag deploys can be fatal to a child. As a result, the back seats are best suited for children.

There are currently no laws governing child restraints in automobiles in India. There’s nothing requiring cars to have them, and there’s nothing requiring you to use them. They’re there for your peace of mind as well as the safety of your child. Because there are no laws governing child restraints in automobiles, there is no way of knowing when you can stop using them. This is entirely dependent on you. It is your responsibility to establish your own rules for your children in the automobile. You might want to set up a system of rules in which they don’t leave unless you say it’s OK. Nobody understands your child’s responsibility levels better than you, so you’ll know when it’s appropriate to stop using child locks. Remember that as a driver, you are legally expected to ensure that all passengers 14 and under in your vehicle wear a seatbelt or are in the appropriate child seat for their height and weight.