Is CNG a Better Option Than Gasoline/Diesel Cars?

While diesel has long been seen to be the most cost-effective automotive fuel, it has a high particulate matter level and is notorious for its NOx emissions, which are harmful to the environment. A diesel car is considered to be six times more polluting than a gasoline one. However, in a country like India, where fuel efficiency is valued highly, petrol cars are not as profitable. In such instances, CNG-powered vehicles are significantly superior. CNG vehicles have been on Indian roads for over a decade, and with the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel, they may be the cheapest alternative available. CNG vehicles are gaining favor over other fuel types due to a variety of benefits. The CNG fuel is not only beneficial for the environment and your car, but it is also a terrific fuel in terms of safety. Here are some advantages of a CNG powered car-

“CNG fill up” by scottjlowe is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Lower fuel costs

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a less expensive alternative to more expensive fuels such as gasoline or diesel. Furthermore, CNG-powered vehicles are now commonplace, but this was not always the case. This has been made feasible by many technological breakthroughs in the vehicle industry. People all around the world are eager to replace traditional fuels with less expensive alternatives such as compressed natural gas (CNG), which not only saves money but also outperforms petrol and diesel in terms of negative environmental impact. 

Environment friendly

It is general knowledge that automobile emissions are hazardous to the environment and are a major cause of health problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and a variety of other respiratory ailments. These gases are released into the environment as byproducts of the chemical process that occurs while your car’s engine is working. According to current research, the emission of one such gas, carbon monoxide, is reduced by 80 percent in CNG-powered automobiles. It also emits 45 percent fewer hydrocarbons than other types of fuels, such as gasoline. In addition, CNG vehicles in India contain no particulate matter, sulfur, or heavy metal residues.

Lower maintenance costs

CNG is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly fuels for a vehicle’s engine. This is because it produces far less residue than gasoline or diesel. This causes less damage to the engine’s pipes and tubes, extending the engine’s lifespan. One of the most crucial aspects of purchasing an automobile is keeping it regularly serviced. There are numerous advantages to keeping your car in good condition regularly. However, if you need to drive your automobile to the garage regularly, it will be an expensive affair. If you have a CNG-equipped vehicle, the engine’s lifespan will be extended because there will be less pollution of the motor oil owing to the fuel.


The Earth’s natural gas reserves are enormous, ensuring a steady supply for decades to come. Furthermore, natural gas prices are independent of oil prices. They are less volatile and have stayed rather stable in recent years. Methane, the major component of CNG, can be produced from biological waste and sludge. Audi even manufactures it by dividing water into oxygen and hydrogen, which are then blended with CO2 to form a carbon-neutral product. The government should actively look into expanding the CNG infrastructure and dole out greater initiatives to the people to convert their cars to run on CNG.