With TATA MOTORS becoming one of the largest manufacturers after Maruti Suzuki, there is a new classy vehicle which is going to hit the Indian roads, a vehicle, which has the power of an SUV and the comfort of a Sedan. A vehicle, which can cater to the Indian family and also satisfy the ravenous person who sits behind the wheel is what TATA Aria seems to be providing.

A true Indian crossover, A new breed of vehicle which has not hit the Indian roads in large numbers, TATA Aria is here to make other big competitors sit up and take notice for its flair.

In a nutshell, TATA Aria packs in everything which one can desire on the road, be it on the Highway, City, or on crowded streets.

Coming to the specifics of this extraordinary car/sedan/SUV/MUV.
If one has already heard about the 2.2 litre Dicor engine that powers the Tata Safari , this same engine capacity has been used to power the new TATA Aria. There are claims that TATA Aria has a better tuned engine than the TATA Safari with its 2.2 l VTT (Variable turbine technology). While the VTT technology is not described in detailed, it is actually a design where dynamically changing exhaust vanes guide the flow to the turbo charger for an optimal performance. Thus, with the VTT technology, one can expect a lower turbo lag (faster acceleration ) and indirectly accelerate to a great speed without jerks .

Power train.
The TATA Aria is constructed on a cutting edge Power train with a Mark II Gearbox which reduces vibrations and offers a smooth ride all through the journey. With an astounding 140 BHP( The 2.6 l Scorpio churns only 114 Bhp and the Swift VDI has only half the power – 75 bhp) power churning Engine that also delivers a 320NM torque , the TATA Aria performs at a level which is unparalleled in its class.

Special Features- Safety related.
While TATA Aria is also a family car, it has the amazing features of an SUV too. Te special Torque on Demand design automatically adjust the torque distribution to all the wheels during a 4 wheel drive which indirectly increases the stability and doesn’t allow the vehicle to slip. And with the ABS (Anti Braking system and the ESP (Electronic stability program) included , the car reaches the general standard in the Western world .

Looks and Views
The TATA Aria combines a rare blend of Smoothness with rugged looks, safety with speed/ handling, beauty with brawn and looks more commanding than any other of its rival sedans or MUVs. While this crossover breed is new to the Indian market , reviews point out that TATA Aria could have looked more pronounced if it had not stuck with its standard front grill which makes it look like the big brother of the Indica, Manza or the Vista Family.
However, without doubt the Aria is here to spark off a revolution in the way how Big cars are perceived in the Indian Automotive industries.

Pricing and comparisions.
Comparing the Aria to any other kind of cars or SUVs would itself be an understatement. However the general feeling is that the price tag of 14-15 lakhs would mean that the Indian middle class can only dream of the Aria rather than use it. Specially ,hen big MUVs such as Innova and the Xylo coming at cheaper process , the Aria would have to carve its own niche in the already crowded market. But with its exclusive crossover breed, it could well stand out against the higher segment sedans such as the Toyota corolla ,Civic and its likes as one gets a host of advanced features with the TATA Aria.

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