What are the documents to be carried in a car when you go out to drive in India?


How many times have you been caught in the middle of the road by a Traffic cop for no reason and the next thing you know is that you are fined because you aren’t carrying the right documents.. Do not make your pockets lighter the next time…As a driver, you have to be aware of the documents you have to carry while you are driving. A driver’s license is essential, but here is a quick checklist of necessary documents that have to be carried during driving.

• Original copy of the Driving License has to be carried at all times when you are using a vehicle. A xerox is not acceptable according to the Motor Vehicle Act of India
• Registration certificates record the model of your car for the government. All cars owners have to carry their registration certificates in original when they ply on the road.
• Municipal Road Tax is applied by the local municipality. A few states charge it once in a lifetime, or you might have to pay yearly. Ensure that you check with the RTO of your state for more details.
• P.U.C Certificates are issued every year after your car has been checked over. Usually a small disc is affixed to your car window shield with the expiry date on it.
• Valid and up-to-date car insurance certificates are to be carried at all times. This is particularly necessary if you are going to be traveling over long distances.
• RC books are the original paperwork of the car model you have. Ensure that you take care of this book properly. You will have to keep the original in the car at all times as duplicates are not accepted by traffic police in case of a vehicular check.
Ensure that you keep the paperwork in a sealed plastic folder inside your car at all times. If you don’t want to keep the originals inside your car in case of theft, you can keep Xerox copies that are attested by a gazetted officer. But most officers will insist on the original copies. The Motor Vehicle Act allows you to send in the originals to the demanding officer by registered post in case you are pulled over. But do check with the RTO of your state to find out exactly which documents are required.