New cars are hitting the rich Indian middle class right, left and center! And that means that the suddenly-flush neighbors are now going to be driving a hot new Tata Indica Vista in a few days time!

Tata is using Fiat engines and that means you get a whopping 368cc, 16-valve engine that can push out 89bhp@6000rpm and reach a torque high of 115Nm@4500rpm. The company claims that the car gets a respectable 0 to 60kmph in just 5.4 seconds. The petrol gives a range of 13.5/16.5 km pl. But that has yet to be tested. It also has a brand new Continuous Variable Cam Phaser technology that provide excellent accelerator and pedal control on the car. It also has a stronger mid engine range along with smoother gear shifts which are a definite improvement on previous models. You can get speeds up to 165 mph but high speeds can turn the ride bumpy.

Features and comforts

It’s a good little petrol hatchback that comes in both petrol and diesel and is ideal for use on Indian roads. Dynamic flowing lines and dual toned interiors make it a good investment and a handy car to drive. Several luxury features are already present like Din music systems, tilted steering wheels, height adjustable driver seats, side and center airbags, car alarms and a remote keyless entry. Passenger space is excellent too and it can take a look amount of luggage inside it.

The car doesn’t look all that much different but there is an additional saffire badge on the rear along with new alloy wheels that are 8-spoke.

This hip new model of the Tata Indica is now retailing at Rs 3, 50,000 more or less depending on the state you are located in. additional features like AC, and power steering etc will hike up your billing price accordingly.

The only problem that may arise with car owners is that the Tata Indica and the Tata Indica Vista look almost the same. But Tata has specified design changes that make the car seem unique. Larger headlights, flared wheel arches, better colors and a far better paint quality makes the Tata Indica Vista one of the best cars on the Indian car market today.

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