Traffic rules in India.


Most of us very well know that Traffic rules are not followed to the full extent in India. Little do many of us care when we skip a red light or change lanes instantly on highways. But we all forget that the traffic rules are not for our convenience but are actually for the safety on the roads. One thing to remember is that if one of us breaks a traffic rule, we could rather end up putting other persons on the road to risk. First of all each one of us must ask the following questions before we think of breaking any rule.

->Does crossing a redlight put other pedestrians / vehicles in danger ?
->Would you break a traffic rule in case you had your own mother or sister crossing the streets?
->Is it worth the 2 minutes you save by jumping the red light or changing the lanes haphazardly?
->Finally Is breaking a rule at the cost of other lives worth it after all?

If the answer is No to most the above , then we could be rest assured that we have a disciplined driver on the road.

Now that we have a sermon delivered on the traffic rules,one most important thing to note is that breaking lanes, driving rash and drunken driving would only cause more delay and loss of resources than cause any benefit.

Though we all know that the Bangalore traffic cops have a reputation to stop you during unexpected situations, Most of the times it is when we break a traffic rule. Personally speaking , it is better to pay a fine rather than bribe the cop as it serves a double benefit.
ONE – is that you prevent corruption and set a positive example.
TWO- you would not repeat the error next time because you paid the valid fine .
THREE- Your conscience would not cry for cheating your own citizens as the pride of honesty is seldom achieved in these days. It does take every citizent o create a disciplined traffic.

Else we would continue perpetuating the same crime of corruption and carelessness that has wrought India for decades..Ask this to yourself before you bribe a cop again.

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