Car navigation Systems


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Car Navigation systems have been around for quite some time but they are a pretty new term for the Indian roads. A Car navigation system actually guides you/shows the pathways and route directions within major cities and highways across the country.It is usually a small display device (LCD screen) with a GPS receiver attached that helps to update the location and directions to given destination entered.

All one needs to do to use the navigation system is to load the routemaps into the device which are available in a CD formats. Although India is not popular for the navigation systems used inside cars, Few companies have already entered the Indian automotive market. These systems contain the routemaps of major cities of India and thus make it easier to navigate through the streets and highways of India.

To find out the directions of a location, one needs to just feed the destination address into the navigation system through a keypad or select from a list of addresses. Once fed, the System would either directly have an audio output to tell the directions or also show the direction on the small LCD screen available with the device. Some of the other names given to the navigation systems are Tom -Tom, GPS direction device, navigation device etc. Most of the Navigation systems of cars also have an additional shortest route calculator and a traffic aid suggestion control,wherein the System recieves dynamic information and reroutes the path to the shortest duration travel.