BMTC introduces Mercedes Benz buses in Bangalore


Reports have been coming from all over the place that BMTC has bought a new set of Mercedes benz buses for plying in the City. The Mercedes Benz buses according to a news report cost Rs 65 lakhs each ,which is cheaper than the Sleek Vajra Volvo B7R ,which costs around 75 lakhs.

Owning a Commercial vehicle market Share of around 13 % in the World, the renowned Mercedes Benz is entering into India with a great plan of expanding its base. The engine capacity of the 2 axle mercedes Benz is 7.2 litres that is akin to the existing Volvo B7R (which is a 7L ) engine. Although coming at a cheaper rate, the Mercedes Benz bus looks more like the existing Tata’s Marco polo buses which have been quite good on the Bangalore’s roads. There is no doubt that the World class Engineering of Mercedes Benz would prove an excellent fit for a comfortable transport system and there seem to be speculations that the Bus is customised to the Indian driving conditions.

While Volvos have somehow got a stronghold in the existing BMTC fleet ,owing to their amazing comfort and performance in the grippin bangalore traffic, It would still be a hard test for the Mercedes benz buses to win the hearts of Bangaloreans amidst the rising prices of Public transport. Under any situation will people not be comfortable paying a higher than existing price to get a ride in the Mercedes Benz buses. It would therefore be unlikely that BMTC charges a higher price for travelling in Mercedes Benz buses in Future.

For Now, Bangaloreans have the liberty to travel in a Mercedes for as low as 1 ruppes to 5 rupees till the trial run ends.