Remember the time, when India was still under the British rule and when the whole Economy was controlled by the Britishers. Remember the time when there were hardly any manufacturing industries in India that were mechanised or industrially advanced such as the ones in the West. That was the time when a legend named Jamshedji Tata envisioned an industrially super powered India. The TATA industries was set up by Mr Jamshedji Tata even before India’s independence and we all know that the legacy of TATA industries forms the hallmark of Indian Industrial power. Even with opposition from the political clout , Jamshedji Tata started the Maharaja(the first Indian airlines) , which went on to become the pride of Indian Airlines. The Indian institute of science in Bangalore was also initially funded by none other than the TATA s to act as a centre of excellence. Following the liberalisation in the 1990’s, TATA motors, the automotive wing of the TATA industries massively mobilised its operations to deliver cars that have become a household name such as the ever common Indica, indigo and the super charged Tata Safari.

Coming from the famed portal of the TATA motors is another car which is none other than the INDIGO MANZA. Believed to be the improved version of the Indigo , the Manza claims to combine class and quality of the high end cars. Here is a short overview of the car.

The Indigo Manza comes in both Petrol and Diesel variants. With the critically acclaimed engines : Safire Petrol (1400cc)and Quadra jet Diesel(1248cc), the Manza packs in a great deal of performance and efficiency. Both the engine variants give a decent mileage of 14 -18 Kmpl (Diesel) and 10-14kmpl(Petrol). The new engine is definitely leagues ahead of the older engines from TATA. Though the Diesel Engine powers up to an amazing 90bhp, the engine cc is a little less compared to the other cars in the same league.


The Indigo Manza looks the best from the side view angle. The looks are almost similar to the Indica Vista from the front side . The most imposing look of the Manza is undoubtedly the boot, which is fascinatingly huge and gives an impression that one is driving a very costly and a refined car. Overall the indigo Manza is pretty huge on the outside and the Inside. With a 160 litre boot space, Manza provides you the biggest boot space available for its price.

Refinement refers to the excelling of an already clean product and Indigo Manza definitely doesn’t fail with respect to the extremely polished interiors. From extra comfortable armrests, cupholders to largest of the legrooms in the rear seat, the Manza gives an extremely large living space inside .As it is, Manza live up to its expectations of providing ample space for every aspect that was already a defining symbol in all the previous Tata cars. The Dashboard also gives a refreshing look with improved dials, DIS(Driver information system), and comfortable steering.

Performance and other features.
Though the Manza comes in with great engines, it is clearly not for the sporty driver. This car is out and out a complete family car . When one drives the Manza, one clearly knows that it doesn’t like to be pushed very hard and is more of a gentle machine that smoothly accelerates and delivers power. Manza is extremely suitable for a family vehicle and refined drivers . Though one does experience a turbo lag in the Diesel during sudden acceleration, the other features do mask this problem.

The best part of the deal is that Indigo comes at an extremely competitive pricing of .8 to 6.7 lakhs (ex showroom Delhi price). Add around Rs 80K- 1 lakh to get the on road price and we have a car that is hard to resist for the Indian families. The higher end model also features ABS. and Airbags and the Manza also has improved shock absorbers when compared to the older Indigo’s features.

So get ready for a refined drive and cruise comfortably whenever you drive the Indigo Manza

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