The dance to supremacy among the Small Car Giants has already begun and India is the battleground where all the dust is going to be raised by the warrior car manufacturers. While the Indian Heavyweight Tata Motors is already blazing a trail to show the world what a Nano can achieve, there are new entrants too, which are firing all cylinders to grab the mammoth share of the Indian pie.

The latest entrant of the lot is Bajaj auto that has an Iron fisted vice like grip over the two wheeler market of India with its irreplaceable and invincible models such as the high performing adrenalin thumping Pulsar and the other cool family of DTSi bikes (Discover, Avenger etc).

Bajaj has unveiled its ambitious plan of manufacturing a small car for the Indian masses. The interesting aspect is that Bajaj claims to revolutionize the car industry by producing a car that gives a staggering mileage of 30 km/litre. Once Bajaj rolls out this new car, the boundaries of mileage between a two wheeler and a 4 wheeler would become as hazy as a shadow in twilight.

While the Tata Nano ‘s mileage is rated at 23.6 kmpl, the new Bajaj auto’s car is already a clear winner if it delivers a 30 kmpl mileage. Further Bajaj is leaving no stone unturned to match the unrivalled success of the Nano( the world’s cheapest car) by pricing its new car at approximately 1.10 lakh INR. This would make the new Bajaj car cheaper than the Tata Nano by almost Rs 10000 .

Nissan,the Japanese car maker has also joined hands with Bajaj Auto India in the endeavour to develop this ultra low cost, ultra fuel efficient model car . With a spate of unbeatable success streaks that Bajaj auto has achieved with its two wheeler juggernaut, there is little doubt that Bajaj Auto means serious business when it plans to launch this new car. on the other hand, the world already knows the trail that Nissan has etched through its SUV Nissan Xtrail. The marriage of the world’s leading two wheeler manufacturer,Bajaj Auto and the Japanese Giant Nissan in the tryst to develop the best small car would definitely prove to be a boon to the Indian consumer.

As the war between the small car Warriors proceeds on the Indian frontline, Bajaj still has not released the official date of booking .Also the name of this new car is yet to be christened. Silently watching this development, are the other manufacturers such as the Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki. There are reports that Maruti and Hyundai are also going to announce their respective small /cheap car entrants. It remains to be seen as to which manufacturer would get the biggest piece of the Indian cake of profits. Till the other cars actually roll out, Nano still remains the undisputed legend.