Paris Metro


Here is a short note on the Paris Metro network or the Metropolitan.
Although being the one of the oldest networks of metro trains in the world,Paris metro is the most organised and excellently serves the traffic needs of such a huge city. Even with a large number of tourist inflow everyday, the Metro stations and the trains impeccably transport the people along busy junctions and crowded streets. This has been possible because the Paris metro is mostly underground and thus does’nt impede the traffic on top or on the roads.

It is rather astonishing to notice that even when thousands of visitors visit the Eiffel tower and crowd around it, there is absolutely no visible traffic jams occuring in the vicinity of this monument.The same applies to the other prominent buildings such as the Lovre Museum, Notre Dame, St Sulpice ,to name a few. The Metro has different routes intertwined with fast routes further fed in by shorter and medium distance routes.

An amazing feat of the Paris Metro is that you would find a train to any destination within 3 minutes of your waiting time and within no unnecessary delays ,one can traverse through the city from one end to the other end in as short as 45 minutes. Another Metro network that comes close to the Paris n/w is the London Metro rail but the Paris metro is one of the cheapest transport s available in such a cosmotpolitan city.

It is highly efficent and makes the life of the Paris inhabitants so easy . One has to experience the excellent network of Paris metro .Even as the trains and tracks in some routes are aging, the Paris city thrives with full vigour owing to the lifeline ,which is none other than the Metro Rail network.

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