Bangalore Metro – Will it Solve the Traffic Chaos of Bangalore


The age-old adage “Rome was not built in a day” is reminiscent of substantial substance and undying novelty of Rome. Equally intriguing is “When Rome was burning, her citizenry were thinking of rebuilding Rome”.
Bangalore Metro Rail (For brevity, let’s call ‘The Metro’) has been conceived as a modern urban endeavour entrusted to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL). ‘The Metro’ is definitely inviting intellectual interference of the public. A moot question still facing the authorities is whether Bangalore Metro will solve the traffic chaos. Yes or No is not the perfect answer. Rather, we would prefer to have a firm YES or a firm NO.

Will Metro be a Success?
The Metro can be a success taking lessons from Delhi Metro. However, there arises the need to take into consideration the pros and cons to have a balanced view. The citizens of Bangalore have to be given the liberty to come forward with their version of opinion and views and put forward to the authorities so as to enable them to take a transparent and viable decision as to the efficacy and viability of the Metro.

What Next?
Now that the Phase I has been completed, BMRCL has to check it for reality before remaining phases are contemplated and executed. Sure, Metro is a giant step forward towards modern urbanization and Bangalore squarely falls into it; not only its business or IT boom but many a factor, including it being a cosmopolitan town, attracting millions from all walk of life world over to Bangalore.

How to rely on Metro?
To reach the Metro should also be made feasible. Proximity of connectivity is a factor that matters the most. The ordinary public who are not office-class or business-class could easily switch to Metro modes once they found it comfortable and affordable. Looking at these factors, Metro Rail needs to be meticulously planned and ideally executed due to the fact that it is not just a transit system but is intended more to lessen traffic travails of the city.

Now that the Phase I is over, the authorities could canvass its success and convince the public to be more cooperative in the development. After-all, Bangalore Metro is famously and intimately called as “Namma Metro” and Bangloreans will adhere to, abide by and accede to the order of the authorities as they are development-oriented. But they need to be convinced by the Phase 1 success story.

Other factors..
What BMRCL should do might be to curtain registration of new cars and two-wheelers and put in place stringent rules and regulations on traffic system on one side to encourage the use of Metro. And on the other side they have to consciously woo the public and executives by giving incentives, better connectivity, amenities etc. to the Metro.

For the time being, We are all anxiously waiting for the Bangalore Metro …